@ Yonge and St. Clair

March 31st, 2020:

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The Address is 1421 Yonge St Toronto. It is located in just south east of the intersection of Young Street and St. Clair, and is expected to consist of a total of 177 households in 34 stories high, of which 14 units are built on the 2nd and 2M levels of the back side of the podium as rental properties. The area of the front side of the podium is for commercial area.

14 Rentals and condos are completely separated with separate own lobbies and own elevators. Rental units are located on the 2nd and 2M level only on the east (back side of the building) Condo Units are from 3rd floor and up. (the tower is for solely condominium units.)

As shown in the rendering, the concept is very unique. The tower part from 3 to 34 level is designed with curved, large sized wraparound balcony and terrace on every level. It will consist of only 5 units on average per floor in calculation and will consist of uncomplicated and leisurely sized units.

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Looking from North to South

Developers are Great Gulf and Terracap Management.

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Retail stores and offices will occupy the Front of the building which facing yonge Street. The residential rental units will be on the level 2 and 2M on the other side of the building.
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Looking from West side. Facing Yonge Street.
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Back of the building. 14 rental units are with light colored windows on 2 and 2M level as seen on the picture above. the rental and condo units are completely separate with own lobbies and own elevators.

Located at St. Clair Subway Station, on the way, on Yonge Street in between Downtown and Midtown, in particular, it’s a ten minute walk to Avenue Rd. and similar distance to many Toronto’s famous private schools. And there are various major banks nearby, and Health Canada is within a 1-2 minute walk. (In the same building, there was Service Canada where you can issue Canadian passport and other tasks, but it doesn’t appear on Google Maps. This is needed to be checked)

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