Dufferin Grove Village

@ Bloor + Dufferin

March 26th, 2020

이미지에 대체텍스트 속성이 없습니다; 파일명은 DGV-On-Map-3.jpg 입니다.

Address: 900 Differin Street Toronto

이미지에 대체텍스트 속성이 없습니다; 파일명은 DGV-On-Map-2-1.jpg 입니다.

As you see in the map above, there will be 4 residential towers in the yellow colored area which is the North part of current Dufferin Mall. They are 35, 39, 12, 23 storeys and will accommodate more than 1100 families.

Developer: Quadrangle

Tentative Completion: 2026

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Looking the 2 South East Corner buildings of the project from the 20 acre Dufferin Grove Park

The project includes a new park at the South East corner of the project area to enjance the neighborhood’s existing green space networking while introducing a new urban livingroom for public enjoyment.

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Looking from North to South. These are the 2 buildings on West side. They are 39 and 35 stories.
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