Hi, For you who purchased Whitehaus Condos, Lifetime has started construction after almost one year delay.

Here are some pictures and video clip for you.

From West to East, toward Yonge St.


Toward South East Corner. You can see Minto’s 30 Roe Condo and two eCondos buildings.

By the way, this project was sold out just before the hipe of early 2017 just before the Ontario government’s 15% foreign homebuyer tax and expanded rent control announcement. However, the condo price is still very strong even after. So the buyers of this project had pretty good deals for sure.


I like this project for some reasons. I like the colour and appearance. I like the location. Also, you will be enjoying a very nice view for a quite long time now and then if you are facing West.

I got the pictures before the construction here below. Thanks.

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