Dec. 19, 2020 Update:

New Promotion!

5% Deposit in 30 Days

2 Year Free Maintenance

$0 Assignment

May 17, 2019 Update:

This beautiful condo is available once again with the brand new release of suites for the limited time only.

First Come First Served!

Please call me to claim your luck!

Please also call me for the details include the price, floor plans, brochure.


[email protected]

In 100 meter range from St. Patrick Subway Station on University Ave

Mar. 26, 2017:

The long waiting seems to be going to over soon.

However with a quite different look from it was originally planned.

The location is really good. It is very close to St. Patrick Subway Station (Avenue+Dundas) and there are many hospitals with countless doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers.

It is of course also close to U of T, OCAD and even Ryerson University. Definitely going to be a great investment.

There will be 3 buildings all together with 39, 36, and 17 storey buildings.

There is an “alley” between buildings which the name of the project refers I guess. It is going to be a really nice looking project. Great looking buildings for sure!

Please let me know in advance which unit you want me to secure! Have a great day!

416-333-3263, Mike Yoon

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