Joy Station -Now Selling


April 11, 2021 Update:

As Building A sold so fast,

the Building B has been also released.

Please call Mike for the availability list.

Mar. 10, 2021:

부동산 경기가 다시 달아오르는 가운데, 마캄 지역에 마스트플랜드 컴뮤니티가 소개 되었습니다. 빌더는 World on Yonge을 건축했고, Promenade Park Towers를 분양중인 Liberty Development 입니다. 이 빌더는 이밖에 Wish Condos, Metro Place, Centro Square등 많은 콘도들과 상업용 건물들을 포함해 GTA 지역에 30여개의 빌딩들을 건축했거나, 건축중입니다.

Amid the real estate market heating up again, this Masterplaned Community was introduced in the Markham area today. The builder built World on Yonge and currently selling Promenade Park Towers. It is Liberty Development. This builder has built or is building over 30 buildings in the GTA area, including many other condos and commercial buildings such as Wish Condos, Metro Place, Centro Square, etc.

The Pricelists and Floorplans are in our hands. We will share them upon your request. The price is from $900/sqft.

We have now started accepting worksheets, and we must submit it by 2:00 p.m. on the 16th. We apologize for not being able to share any further information on the internet now. Please call us. We will be happy to assist you obtain a unit you desire.

Location: At the North East corner of Markham Rd and Castlemore Ave. (Please click here to see the location on the Google map)

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The sale start with the Building A

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  • FREE ASSIGNMENT** (Regular price $5,000)
    • $7,900 FOR UNITS UNDER 700 SQFT
    • $11,900 FOR UNITS 700 SQFT AND LARGER
    • $5,000 on signing
    • Balance to 5% in 30 days
    • 2.5% in 90 days
    • 2.5% in 180 days
    • 5% in 370 days
    • 5% on Occupancy

Parking: Parking spot is $49,900.00 (HST included)

Building Amenities: Pet Wash, Golf Simulator, Children’s Play Room, Party Room with Private Dining, Fitness Centre, Business Centre with Boardroom, Games Room, Main Lobby Lounge, Ground Floor Outdoor Amenity Area, Outdoor Amenity Terrace (Level 7), Indoor Amenity (Level 7), Self-Serve Parcel Room, Parcel Room, Moving Rooms

Monthly Maintenance Fees:

  • $ 0.62/Sq. Ft., plus Hydro (metered separately for each individual unit consumption)
  • Including Rogers Smart Community
  • Parking: $50.00/Month
  • Locker: $20.00/Month

Tentative Occupancy: November 1, 2024
Number of Suites: 294
Number of Floors: 25

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