April. 6, 2019 Update

Price and Incentives

Floor Plans

Features and Finishes

Mobilio Condos location is marked as a blue dot on the top right corner of the its logo in the map above. Compare to TC4, the actual distance to the subway station are about the same. There will be a new subway entrance at the bus terminal and it will a big advantage to TC4 for the subway users especially in bad weather conditions. In the other hand, Mobilio is cheaper , closer to Toronto and is built for the families who have cars.

Mar. 27, 2019

The newest release by Menkes, Mobilio Condos & Towns.
As our valued clients, we are excited to share with you the initial round of suite designs. Since these are the initial round of suite designs, we have been provided price ranges for each product type, so you may better prepare during the allocation process in early April.

A New 100 Acre Community Location – West of Jane and North of 407


1 Bedroom 412 sq.ft Mid $300’s

1 Bedroom 494 sq.ft High $300’s  

1 Bedroom 525 sq.ft High $300’s

1 Bedroom + Den  536 sq.ft Low $400’s

1 Bedroom + Den 563 sq.ft Low $400’s

2 Bedroom 686 sq.ft Low $500’s

2 Bedroom 739 sq.ft Mid $500’s

Effective immediately, you can purchase your desired units right now. Please call us to arrange appointment.

Distinguished from other project nearby, Transit City, with concentrating on more family living environment with more parking lots. There is strong demand for towns and condos for families in City of Vaughan.

Please provide copy or picture of your photo IDs to arrange appointment. 
Please ask us details about the worksheet procedures, timeline or sales process by calling Mike 416-333-3263.

Good Luck!

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