@ Yonge and Sheppard

April. 29, 2023

한인들이 가장 선호하는 위치죠. 영 길 쉐퍼드 에브뉴 3 블록 북쪽 새로 단장한 인기 퓨전 선술집 “DANBAM” Izakaya(단밤 이자카야), Mymy Chicken(마이마이 치킨), Cheongchoon Hotdog(청춘 핫도그), PAT Korean Supermarket(한국식품점) 등이 널려있는 Spring Garden Ave와 Hollywood Ave 사이 Yonge Street선상에 건축되고 있는 Pearl II condos가 2% 가격 할인과 함께 라커를 무료로 증정하고, 내년 5월로 예정된 입주까지 단, 5%, 그것도 계약시 $5,000, 90일 후 $5,000을 뺀 2.5%, 180일 후 2.5%만 납입 하는 조건을 내놓았습니다. 입주시 10% 입니다.

It is the most preferred location for most people. Pearl II Condos is being built on Yonge Street, between Spring Garden Ave where newly opened popular fusion restaurant “DANBAM” Izakaya, Mymy Chicken, Cheongchoon Hotdog, PAT Korean Supermarket, etc. and Hollywood Ave. Pearl II condos offer a 2% price discount and a free locker, and only 5% until occupancy scheduled for May 2024, $5,000 upon contract, 2.5% less $5,000 on 90th days, and 2.5% on 180th days. 10% on occupancy.

North York City Center는 다른 어떤 것과도 비교할 수 없는 흥미진진한 도시 라이프스타일을 제공하는 활기찬 지역입니다. 칵테일을 마시며 친구를 만나든, 맛있는 저녁을 즐기든, 최신 영화를 보든, 많은 동네 공원에서 휴식을 취하든 이곳에서 진정으로 완벽한 라이프스타일을 즐길 수 있습니다. 이제 North York City Centre의 Sheppard 지하철 역에서 단 몇 걸음 거리에 있는 Pearl Place Condominium Residences는 이 뛰어난 도시 위치에 현대적인 고급 생활의 엘리트 기준을 제공합니다.

North York City Centre is a vibrant neighbourhood that offers an exciting urban lifestyle like no other. Whether meeting friends for cocktails, enjoying a gourmet dinner, watching the latest big budget movie or relaxing in one of many neighbourhood parks, you can enjoy a truly complete lifestyle here. Now, just steps from Sheppard Subway Station in the heart of North York City Centre, Pearl Place Condominium Residences brings an elite standard of contemporary luxury living to this exceptional urban location.

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  1. FREE First Assignment*
  2. RIGHT TO LEASE During Occupancy*
  3. CAPPED FEES: Development Charges:
    $9,500 for 1 bedroom & 1 bedroom + den suites
    $12,500 for 2 bedroom suites and larger
  4. FREE Vertical Blinds.
  5. GLASS Tile kitchen Backsplash.

Limited Time Offer!

Suites From The


Completion: May 2024.

Current incentive:

   5% deposit until occupancy   

($5,000.00 signing – Balance of 2.5% in 90 days – 2.5% in 180 day – 10% Occupancy)

             2% discount on the unit price

              One Locker included

              Parking $65,000.00


Penthouse Suites: PH 1 to PH 7

Number of BedroomsNumber of BathroomsApproximate Exposure  Suite NameApproximate Square FootagePrice
1 bed1WestPremiere540$862,900
1 bed and den1EastPacific583$926,900
2 bedroom1WestPrize685$1,098,900
2 bed and den2WestPier771$1,200,900
2 bed and den2EastPrism795$1,226,900
2 bed and den2EastParis858$1,320,900
2 bedroom2N/WPort868$1,312,900
2 bed and den2N/EPalm1031$1,564,900
2 bed and den2S/WPeyton1044$1,581,900
2 bed and den2S/EPierre1047$1,581,900

*** Floor premium $1,000.00 per floor

Tower Suites – Available floors

Passion 2 Bed (816) N/E

#1619: $1,139,900.00

#2119: $1,144,900.00

Perfection 2Bed + Den (834) East

#2105: $1,170,900.00

#2205: $1,171,900.00

#2905: $1,186,900.00

Pearl 3 bed ( 926) South East

#906:  $1,321,900.00

#1206: $1,324,900.00


2020년 7월 28일 업데이트

Option #1:


$5,000 Initial Deposit

Blance of 5% in 30 days

 5% divided to 24 payments



Option #2:

1% OFF Unit Price 

$5,000 on sighing

balance of 5% in 30 days

5% in 120 days

5% in 270 days

5% in 540 days

One free locker, free Vertical Blinds, Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash, free assignment, leasing during occupancy, capping development and more.

Parking available for all models at $65,000.00

현재 노스욕 지역에 판매중인 프로젝트중 가장 위치가 좋고 가격이 상대적으로 저렴한 콘도입니다. 아직 $1,100/sf 대입니다. 놓치지 마십시오.

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416.797.8881(그레이스). 416.333.3263(윤현종, Mike). [email protected]

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